Triumph 1800 Roadster Street Rod Restoration Fourth Year 2010

January - February

Now its time to get that damn engine mounted, Using the front engine mounts on my Chevy 350 small block. I made an engine mount out of two inch angle iron, and bent it into  a V shape.  Finding the exact center and correct height was a very time consuming job. Make sure you measure the proper engine height for the angle iron mounting, allow enough space to clear the hood. Make sure to weld the V for extra support, then weld it to the tube frame.   You will half to make modifications to the fire wall and floor to make this all fit correctly.

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March - April - May

The transmission mount is a whole project in its self. For maintenance purposes the transmission mount must be able to be removed from the car, so that the transmission can be dropped below the car for service.  I came up with a three piece mount bracket system. The two ends are welded to the tube frame, and the center part is bolted to the ends and to the transmission.  I made a transmission mount out of two inch angle iron, bent it in a V shape with a flat piece of steel for the transmission mount.  Finding the exact center and correct height for this mount was a very time consuming job as well. I had to make the mount three times to get it right.


June - July - August

Modifying the cockpit and firewall, as you can see,  I had to cut the floor to fit the transmission. I also had to cut the firewall to allow easy access to the engine. 

September - October - November - December

Unfortunately on September 23, I was involved in a serious car accident. Due to a back injury from the accident, I have been unable to do what I love the most in my spare time.  I can only look at my Triumph Street Rod and wonder how far along I would be with the restoration now, if I was not injured that day...   I do know for a fact, if it was not for the accident, I would have went for a ride in my triumph next summer, now that does not seem at all possible.

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