1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Restoration   

The reason I call my Bugeye, the Nextgen Bugeye is In keeping  with the British spirit and a few modern updates.  I updated my car the way I think it should have been made from the factory, with out going V8 crazy.  If you want to see a V8 in a British car, go to my Triumph 1800 Street Rod Page. Here is a list of my Bugeye modifications. 



 Removed front over riders, and added a period correct Amco front bumper Nurf to give the Bugeye a wider looking stance, I reversed the rear over riders for a more streamlined effect. Wheel wells and undercarriage highlighted with silver metallic paint. I also added red highlights for show.


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Suspension / Brakes

 To increase handling I replaced front drum brakes with disk brakes, replaced front and rear lever shocks with Pro Comp tube shocks. Replaced standard wheels with Mini lights, and I also added a high performance front sway bar .


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Replaced 948cc with a 1275cc, bore 60 over to 1340cc.  Replaced stock pistons with dish pistons. Replaced Stock cam with racing cam. Replaced stock flywheel with aluminum flywheel, note you will need to replaced stock starter with a gear reduction starter to counter the lack of flywheel weight when starting the engine. Replaced mechanical fuel pump with electric fuel pump,  Removed 1/8 inch from head surface to  boost compression to 9 to 1. Replace stock SU carburetors with Weber Side draft. Replace stock manifold with headers, replace single exhaust with quad exhaust. I also added oil catch can.

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Cooling System

The increased horsepower required me to replaced two core stock radiator with three core radiator, replace four cooling blade metal fan with a six blade plastic cooling fan.

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For safety reasons I replaced the standard lap belts with four point racing belts, and I custom made a roll bar  that does not penetrate the body

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Drive Train

The standard smooth case transmit ion was ok, but first gear was way to low, second did not accelerate much, third gear took way to long to wind out, forth gear did not have much of a top end speed.  I replaced the smooth case with a Midget/Sprite ribcage transmit ion first, second, and third gears were much more balanced, but fourth still did not have any better top end speed.   After about 500 miles I needed something eles for my Bugeye, my search for something more in a transmit ion  for my Bugeye, lead me to Boffo Motors  www.boffo-motors.com to see the all knowing Mr. Jim Boffo.  he recommended the Rivergate transmit ion kit. The Rivergate kit requires a Datson B210 transmit ion, once I acquired a Datson B210 transmit ion Boffo Motors rebuilt it with the parts kit supplied by Rivergate.  Then they removed the power plant and replaced the transmit ion and reinstalled the power plant. Jim also purchased the extra slave cylinder,  and speedometer accessories.  I will let you know this spring if it was worth it.  I also replaced 4.11 rear end with 3.9 rear end for a higher top speed.



Bugeye / Frogeye Videos

Most of the Bugeye videos on Utube are lame, how ever I found one from Topgear.com that was very good.

Bugeye Race at Prescott hill


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